Fabrics, made out of linen, are among the oldest. Egyptians have first discovered linen fabrics more than 8000 years ago. Linen fabric was considered to be holy and was used during prayers and sacrifices and for mummifying of Egypt Pharaohs.

During Renaissance linen became a sign of luxury, the aristocrats used to decorate their tables with linen items, also they used linen items for personal hygiene.

Lithuanian ancient people considered flax the holy plant, our forefathers believed that flax had a special power for fighting against the devils, witches and other evil spirits, there are many Lithuanian folk songs about flax and linen.


Linen is a nice, elegant, long lasting and steady natural material.

Linen is useful for skin, because it allows skin to breath, it cools in summer and warms up when it‘s cold. Linen doesn‘t cause any allergic reactions, it is antistatic and doesn’t accumulate the sediments of dirt, soap and lime settlings.

It‘s scientifically proven, that if you choose linen sheets, you will sleep better.

Linen is very strong (about 2-3 times stronger than cotton), has good wearing properties, and perfectly absorbs humidity.

It‘s easy to wash linen fabrics and they get dry very fast.

Linen is ecologic. All items, manufactured from linen, biologically decay.

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Linen products can be laundered with washing machine, as well as they can be trusted to dry cleaning.

Advantage of dry cleaning that returned items are smooth. We recommend dry cleaning for linen curtains and roman blinds that’s how you will avoid shrinkage.

Items from traditional linen may shrink up to 5 percents if you wash at home first time . You can dry linen items with drying machine, as well as naturally. Use iron with hot steam for smoothen wrinkles. To protect the linen surface iron items from the inner side.

Company “Klasikine tekstile” now producing garments and home textile articles from  exeptional collection “Linen4all” .You do not need to  iron and you  have “O” % of shrinkage after washing. Please   try it and  feel real delicacy of linen.

Generally, the best rule is to follow the care instructions on the manufacturer’s label.