Linen and other natural fabrics for:
• Apparel
Plain basics, yarn dyed, striped, checked, printed and other;
• Home textile- household linen
Table linen, bed linen, kitchen linen, curtains, upholstery heavy, drapery light and other;
• Technical textile
Canvas for art, decorations, packing, accessories and other.

Width of fabrics: 140 – 300 cm.
Fabrics weight: 80 – 800 g/m2.

Home textile

Bed linen

Bedding: bed sheets, duvet covers, pillow cases and other items.

Table linen

Tablecloths, runners, placemats, napkins and other items.


Linen, linen/cotton curtains with laces, metal eyelets and loops.

Acssessories, decorations

Decorative cushions, linen bags, scarves and other.


Men and woman apparel from linen. The longer linen garment worn, the softer it becomes.